Trick or Treat: Top 5 YouTube Halloween Costumes

Every year, we put such pressure on ourselves to find the perfect costume. This year, I thought I’d offer some guidance to my readers in this difficult decision-making process. Forget the monsters, superheroes and sports figures. This year, look no further than the Internet video sensations millions of viewers have come to love in the past year.

5. Miley Cyrus’ Goodbye Twitter – Oh Miley. Only you would create a rap video and post it on the Internet to tell the world that you want more privacy. To achieve this look, wear a red baseball cap and black off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, gather four of your closest 80s-dressed girlfriends and start spitting mad rhymes about how much Twitter is interfering with your daily life.

4. Evian Roller Babies – Our only corporate-created video to make it to the list, the Roller Babies were certainly one of the most-watched videos of the summer. All you’ll need to pull off this adorable (or some say creepy) look is a pair of old-school, four-wheel roller skates and a giant diaper. Hope it’s not too chilly on Saturday!

3. I’m On a Boat – This costume, more so than any other, will require serious dedication and craftsmanship. First, construct a small boat out of cardboard and fasten two straps from the front to the back so one fits nicely on each shoulder. Then, through on your finest suit, grab your “flippy-floppies” and start shouting, “I’m on a boat!” in your best Andy Samberg voice.

2. Wedding Dancers – For those of you who enjoy a good couple’s costume, you might want to consider going as newlyweds Jill and Kevin. While they were already immortalized in the much-anticipated wedding on The Office, you too can show your appreciation for their unmatched dance skills and creativity that would have given my parents a heart attack by wearing traditional bride and groom costumes. Then mix it up with a pair of aviators and carry around a boom box blaring Chris Brown’s “Forever.”

1. Susan Boyle – Perhaps the greatest Internet sensation of all time, Susan Boyle will certainly be a costume you should consider for this Halloween. Simply wear a short, curly, brown wig, a demure, gold dress and a contestant sign taped in the front reading, “Britain’s Got Talent: Contestant #4321.” If you really want to push the envelope, carry around a valentine that clearly says, “I love you, Susan. You’re the best singer in the world. Love, Simon.”

What all these videos have in common is novelty and accessibility. Whether it is the irony of Miley Cyrus putting herself in the spotlight to say she wants to step out of the spotlight or the well-executed and humorous animation of the Roller Babies or the unmistakable and surprising voice of Susan Boyle, online video consumers feel connected with these videos, watch them multiple times and share them with their friend.

It is important to note that you cannot make a “viral video” with the intention of making a “viral video.” YouTubers of 2009 are smart and can tell when a video is trying too hard. It is the organic, innovative and unique quality a video must intrinsically possess for it to become a sensation. And the same often goes for a Halloween costume!

[Note: This entry origionally appeared on PepperDigital]


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