TMI: Twittering Meaningless (or Inappropriate) Information

As you can tell from many of my previous posts and blogroll, I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy celebrity gossip. It’s a simple pleasure of mine that I don’t even feel guilty about.

There is something exciting about learning little tidbits about the movie stars, singers and famed thought leaders that makes the talented seem more attainable, more accessible. However, with the advent of social media platforms like Twitter, I’m afraid we sometimes receive more information than we care to know.

Jessica Simpson

For example, Jessica Simpson recently tweeted this little confession:

@JessicaSimpson: i have worn butt pads…lol 🙂 6:17 PM Oct 23rd from web

Kim Kardashian passed along this message and included a close up image to illustrate her point:

@KimKardashian: – Guess who has the biggest butt in the fam? 12:01 AM Nov 8th from TwitPic

The always funny Rainn Wilson thought his many followers would be interested to know this fact:

@RainnWilson: I’ve decided to donate my body to science. Well, not my whole body. Just the best bits. 1:29 PM Oct 20th from web

John MayerBut leave it to John Mayer to tip the scale when it comes to over-sharing:

@JohnCMayer:  Sitting in a restroom stall. There is a man in the stall beside me. We’re both waiting for the other to leave. Entering minute 12. 4:30 PM Nov 5th from Twittelator

A word to the wise: Your Twitter account is an extension of your “personal brand.” For the average Joe, you don’t have much to loose if you misspell a tweet or disclose a bit of personal information. For the average celebrity, it’s that bit of unattainable mystery that keeps you up on your fans pedestal—keep it playful but professional.


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