Has Facebook killed the blind date?

Over pints of micro-brewed beers at Pony Bar in Hell’s Kitchen, my friend eagerly dished on the many attractive qualities of his potential love interest. His college, current law school curriculum, interests, hobbies. Oh, and the fact that he’s gorgeous.

“Have you met this guy yet?” I asked. “I thought you two were being set up.”

“We are,” he said. “I Facebooked him.”

For me, that sparked an intriguing question: Has Facebook killed the blind date?

While I may be a little more than rusty when it comes to dating, I still feel fairly certain that part of the excitement when it comes to a blind date is the mystery. What is his personality like? What do we have in common? What does he look like? That is why they call it a blind date.

However, social media has allowed us all to put forth as much or as little information about ourselves as we want. From the good:

Me and the Saint Louis University Billiken. Adorable.

TO the bad:

Not exactly the best first impression for a potential date.

To the ugly:

Not me. My profile is immaculate.

Between Facebook, MySpace and the no-longer-taboo (or-is-it?) Internet dating, it is now virtually impossible to go on a true blind date. While I am partial to the old meet-your-significant-other-in-high-school, this isn’t all bad. No longer does one have to worry about awkward silences on a blind date—just think back to their profile!

“So, I heard that you are into The Arcade Fire. I heard they were coming to Madison Square Garden in January. . . blah blah blah.” Simple.

This is not to say that all blind dates will be a homerun (although my friends’ seemed to be!), but we might want to start calling them only-seen-your-profile dates.



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2 responses to “Has Facebook killed the blind date?

  1. Great post, Lauren. While i am not too with it when it comes to the blind dating scene either, I think social networking is an opportunity as well as a hindrance for potential relationship go-getters.

    I think every interview we go on, every conference we go to and every time we meet someone new, we now have the opportunity to find out a lot about them.

    As you state, sometimes this can be good and sometimes is can be horrible, but as you state “only-seen-your-profile dates” and meetings have become the norm.

    Remember this though… things are not always as they appear on someone’s social network profile.

    Who knows… that dude with the green hair or that chick “getting low” might be perfectly GREAT people, but if we used their profile pics to judge them, we may not ever want to meet them.

    Nice post!

    • laurenbegley

      Thanks for the great insight, Rob! I completely agree that this is both a positive and a negative. I do think it is important to note that the information we gather from another’s profile may prove to be useful in certain situations, it is also the information they chose to put out there which means it isn’t necessarily the most accurate portrayal of the individual.

      Green haired guy, if you are reading, I’d love to meet you despite that image:)

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