Surfing the 3-D Channels

Companies like Comcast, Samsung and Vizio have hyped the coming of 3-D television for the past few years, though it looks like this Jetsons-esque notion may become a reality sooner than later.

As much as I enjoyed watching Avatar with silly 3-D glasses on, I’m not so sure this form of media will serve all programming as well. I’m all for technological progress, but here’s a list of shows I certainly don’t want jumping out of the screen:

  • NFL injury play backs – These shots give me the willies already. I’d hate to see a compound fracture coming at me.
  • Dirty Jobs – I certainly don’t need to see Mike Rowe pluck goose feathers, scrub mechanical piping or stick his hand in any sort of animal in 3-D.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 reruns – The hideous Kate hair looks like it’s jumping out at me already.
  • Nancy Grace – When hi-def was introduced, that was bad enough.
  • Seinfeld – Don’t mess with perfection.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section!



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2 responses to “Surfing the 3-D Channels

  1. Brooke Winebrenner

    Jersey Shore: Fistpumping, Snookie and Guido’s. That is one “situation” I would not like brought to me in 3-D.

    • laurenbegley

      Agreed! I think “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” and any VH1 dating reality show falls within this category.

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