What does your email address say about you?

After a healthy debate with a colleague over which email service provider was the dorkiest, I decided to take a deeper look into the psyche of email addresses and their owners. Please take a look, let me know what you think and share any additions.

What’s in a name?

SpiceGirl08 or YankeesRule86: If this is your email address, then you created it when you were in the sixth grade and are too lazy to upgrade.

SexyMama23 or LadiesMan45: If this is your email address, then clearly you are not.

FirstNameLastName: If this is your email address, then you are either a) a 40-something who just set up your first email account, or b) a 20-something making the first jump into a professional career and/or looking for a job.

The email cliques: High School all over again

Gmail (Google Mail): Class Superlative – Most likely to Gchat at work

Hotmail: Class Superlative – Most likely to wear a pocket protector

Ymail (Yahoo! Mail): Class Superlative – Most likely to become a Yuppie

AOL: Class Superlative – Most likely to have the same email address you created in the sixth grade

And last, but not least. . .

.com: I’m using a free email service provider.

.mac: I’m a hipster.

.org: I’m supporting public interest.

.net: I’m still using dial-up.

.edu: I’m hanging on to my college email so I can still get cheap flights on StudentUniverse.com



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10 responses to “What does your email address say about you?

  1. I think the problem arises when we’ve had an email address for say, 15 years, and can’t bear to part with it.

    The same goes for photo and video sharing sites as well. Is there any reason that I shouldn’t transfer my photos from Shutterfly to Flickr?

    The answer is no, but it is about time and convenience.

    Also, watch what you say about Hotmail!

    Is there one email provider that is accepted among mainstream, teenie bopper, business and casual audiences? It seems like Gmail is the go-to, but I would be interested to hear from the masses.

    • laurenbegley

      I agree, Hotmail Lover, that it is difficult to move from one email address to a new address–converting contacts and making sure everyone you know has your new information is certainly a hassle. And excellent point about photo sharing sites.

      I’m a Gmail user, and I agree that it seems to be one of more prominent providers these days, but I’d be interested to hear what others say as well. Thanks!

  2. Good points, Lauren! The key is even with addresses we’ve had for a long time or that are fun and light-hearted, if you are e-mailing for business you need to have an address that reflects the level of professionalism necessary to be taken seriously!

    • laurenbegley

      Thanks, Judith! I completely agree. I hope you’ll continue to check back and share your thoughts on future posts as well.

  3. Mat

    I think that it is difficult for us to part with our longtime email addresses because over time, we all develop a lengthy list of contacts. Unless you are one of the technologically savvy types, it is quite a nightmare to have transfer your existing email contacts to a new email address book.

    It is kind of like keeping your original cell phone number even when you move to an entirely different area code. No one wants to send out a massive text message or make tons of calls saying, “Hey! My cell number has changed to (xxx) xxx-xxxx.” That’s too much work and people might not receive the message or update your contact information accordingly.

    Why make it unnecessarily difficult? Fortunately I had enough foresight to choose an email address that is NOT YankeesRule86 or LadiesMan45. Ha ha.

    • laurenbegley

      I understand that there is concern over switching to a new email address, but if you take the time to copy over your address book and have your emails forwarded to your new address, it isn’t all that difficult. If your email address is standard or professional already which I believe yours is) you shouldn’t have anything to worry about! Thanks for the input!

  4. Rebecca Maas

    Love the reference to the argument about email providers last year! I actually re-read that post recently…think the rules still apply! Lia and I were on to something….

  5. Great info, trying to sign up to your RSS feed using the G-Chrome browser but its not letting me… any advice?

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