I Love You, Social Media

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and depending on your Facebook relationships status, you may feel either anticipation or anxiety. We’ve seen social media make our lives easier over the past few years and February 14th is no exception. Here are a few digital tools you can use on this most romantic of holidays:

Need help keeping the spark alive? Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher are here to help. The couple has been married since 1924, so it’s fair to say they know something about making a relationship last. Blinkbox, a UK-based on-demand television provider, has called upon their expertise for a promotion this weekend during which the pair will share their advice and answer questions on Twitter. Make sure to add @longestmarried to your Twitter feed before Saturday!

Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks? Chocolate? Yuck. Diamonds? No thanks. Why not Sweethearts with a twist? The old-school Valentine’s Day treat has reportedly introduced a new phrase. Forget the old “Love Me,” “Hug Me,” and (wait for it) “Fax Me.” This year you’ll find “Tweet Me” mixed into the bunch. Nothing says “I love you” like processed sugar.

Forgetful much? I’m sure we’ve all been witness to the bumbling boyfriend or girlfriend who can barely remember what day it is, let alone anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. For those of in need of some extra brownie points this weekend, consider adding the “Call Sweetheart” app to your iPhone. Not only can you call your significant other with the touch of a button, but you’ll have the constant reminder on your dashboard so you’ll never miss an opportunity to let them know you care.

Still looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right? As explained in the book and film, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” MySpace may still be the new booty call. But Internet dating has certainly shed much of it’s stigma over the past few years. The business of Internet dating sites continues to grow at an exponential rate. In fact, eHarmony grew 20 percent in 2009 alone. If you need the assistance of a computer to find Cupid’s arrow, there is no time better than the present.

Sick of the Hallmark-Holiday? You aren’t alone! There are several anti-Valentine’s Day tweetups happening all over the world. You can also connect with other fans of Un-Valentine’s Day on Facebook . While I’d guess the anti-Valentine’s Day network may be a minority within the general population, this goes to show how social media has allowed individuals from all around the world to find common ground on a particular issue, topic or sentiment. In a sense, it is impossible to be alone this Valentine’s Day, whether you like it or not!

Whether you’re a fan or foe of February 14th, you’ll be able to find a social media tool that suits your needs. However, it might be the perfect opportunity to unplug and spend the day with those you care about. Happy Valentine’s Day and Un-Valentine’s Day!


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