Hello Sunshine, Goodbye Blackberry

So you may have been wondering why I haven’t posted a new entry in over a week. The truth is, I was on a vacation. And not just a regular vacation: a media and technology black-out vacation.

Shortly before I left for the Dominican Republic I called Verizon to see whether or not my phone would work outside the U.S. “Of course it will,” they said. “But it will be super expensive.” What excellent news, I thought.

Just before leaving the office the night before my plane took off, I wrote the most wonderful sentence I’ve ever written:

It was like running through a brick wall Harry Potter style—to a whole new digital-free world.

The first few days I felt like a smoker trying to quit after 25 years. Whether I was lying by the pool, playing sand volleyball or going up for thirds at a never ending buffet, my actions were interspersed with frequent urges to check my phone or email.

And it wasn’t just phone deprivation; I had no real access to any media. A few mornings, I tried to watch the news but the only English-speaking channel was a random local Colorado news station (why? I have no idea). I didn’t even hear about the Chilean earthquake until a day or two after-the-fact when someone finally mentioned it in the hot tub, at which point I decided to write this post.

By the end of the trip, my digital cravings finally calmed and I was able to completely relax (minus the concern for my rather painful sunburn). It was refreshing to know that I could live without it; and maybe life would be more like a day at the beach if we weren’t so glued to the Blackberry.



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3 responses to “Hello Sunshine, Goodbye Blackberry

  1. Brooke Winebrenner

    I went an entire month without using my cell phone while abroad in Spain. It was a strange feeling and I was definitely disconnected from my own little world back home, but it was nice. While I did communicate through email, I was still proud to say I went four weeks without my cell phone and survived to tell all!

  2. Hotmail Lover

    This sounds glorious! A tech break is necessary every once in a while and it feels great.

    That buffet and lying by the pool sounds better than any iPhone app that I’ve encountered… aside from T-Pain’s auto tune app that is.

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