Surfing the Restricted Net

I attended a conference yesterday on social media for financial services companies. Despite the fact that I work with many of these types of clients on a daily basis and I am well aware of the compliance hurdles these companies face when it comes to promoting their brand via social media, I was surprised to find how much of the Internet is blocked for the employees at work.

Sure, no boss wants their employees tagging photos and skimming blogs about LOST while at work, but when you prohibit your employees from visiting sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other online resources, you may be missing critical information relevant for your company. There have been many instances where I have stumbled upon a relevant blog entry on an industry trend relevant for one of my clients, or a Tweet from a client’s customer who needed an issue addressed immediately. By listening to what’s being said about your company and its industry, you become smarter and more agile when it comes to responding proactively and reactively.

Another interesting point discussed was the use of social media for internal communication. We always advise clients to identify the types of communication tools employees are already using and then engage with the audience at that level. In most cases, employees are paying attention to the online space in their personal time, in many cases on a daily basis. So why not create an online forum where employees can share their thoughts and opinions about work just as they would on Facebook or Yelp?

I’d love to learn more about what you readers are experiencing. If you have a moment, I encourage you to answer the poll below and please share any comments you have on this subject. Thanks!

Are you blocked from certain websites at work?polling


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