Dinner and a Movie with Your Entire Social Network

There are few things that make me transition from buttoned up PR professional to a giggling, boy-crazy thirteen year-old in a matter of seconds. One of those few things does happen to be Twilight (no judging, please).

In less than 24 hours, the highly anticipated Twilight Eclipse trailer has received close to 3 millions hits on YouTube and 1.7 million blog mentions. So here I am contributing to those already impressive numbers.

Social media has dramatically enhanced he movie-going experience over the past decade. While theatrical trailers have polluted our commercial breaks for years, video sharing sites, blogs and online forums have created a shared experience for consumers where chick-flick lovers can dish on their favorite leading actors and action film buffs can debate the use of CGI in the latest super hero blockbuster.

Not only has social media added benefit to consumers, but for film distributors as well. Online crowdsourcing sites have allowed move houses to test the waters with a film concept before Leo even reads the script. By releasing teasers online months before the opening, Paramount, Warner Bros. and the likes can build anticipation in a way that a simple trailer never could. And once the film is launched, movie giants with customizable features like Netflix help films stay top of mind for viewers months and years after production in a way that Joe Schmoe Movie Rental never could.

Are you itching to share your thoughts on Eclipse, Alice in Wonderland or Iron Man 2? Check out these movie-friendly online hot spots:



Film Crave


Box Office Mojo



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3 responses to “Dinner and a Movie with Your Entire Social Network

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  2. lia

    couldn’t agree more. i clicked on the eclipse trailer every time it popped up in my FB feed (or was shared with me by friends who know) and will be in line at midnight. it completely stoked me for the movie even though that also makes me ashamed!

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