That Betty White Is On Fire!

Guest post from Rob Longert

The Today ShowSaturday Night Live (SNL), a Superbowl commercial, YouTube spoofs and reruns of Golden Girls, of course, are defining Betty White’s career at the young age of 88.

My personal favorite “Golden Girl” will be hosting SNL this weekend alongside musical guest Jay-Z. What a dichotomy, but a great publicity move for her and her upcoming series on TV Land, Hot in Cleveland.

The idea of Betty hosting SNL was hatched on Facebook earlier this year by a Betty White fan, David Matthews (no relation to the musician), and the page created around the idea currently has more than 108,000 fans. Not too many brands can say that, but think about why people love Betty.

  • She seems real and we can associate with her;
  • Her brand has a history;
  • She has a great reputation;
  • She does not take herself too seriously;
  • She is very funny

Look back to some of our posts about creating spreadable campaigns and spreadability, the above ideals about Betty are in line with many other successful spreadable campaigns.

It is amazing that a woman who is 88 is the talk of the town in social media circles, in People Magazine, on CNN and on numerous other blogs and social media channels. Do a Twitter search for Betty White, and leave the page open. You will notice that, right now, people are tweeting about Betty once a minute! GO, BETTY, GO!

In her interview on The Today Show earlier today, Betty said she will retire when people stop asking her to work, and based on the response on Twitter, the amount of Facebook fans on her “SNL page” and some of the hilarious YouTube clips, Betty will have offers for movies, TV shows and commercials for years to come.

For good measure, this YouTube spoof is one of the best that I found:


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