Q. What’s more embarrassing that getting caught reading a Playboy?

A. Getting caught reading a Playboy with 3-D glasses.

Today it was announced that the June centerfold for the 57 year-old nudie mag will feature 3-D photography. According to news reports, Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk will appear to be handing the reader a glass of wine. Somehow, but I don’t think the wine glass is what most are looking forward to popping off the page.

The added expense of the 3-D glasses that will appear with the June issue will be absorbed by HBO who is sponsoring the issue to promote its new season of True Blood. Characters from the hyper-sexual vampire soap opera will be featured on the inside of the collector’s glasses.

Since 2006, readership of the magazine has dropped close to 50 percent. While 3-D seems to be all the rage these days, I’m not sure that riding the coattails of Avatar is the answer to driving more readers to the newsstands. However, editorial director Jimmy Jellinek says they hope the 3-D centerfold will help create a landmark event to drive sales.

So what’s your take? In an era of low print readership – “I read it for the articles” must apply – will the novelty of 3-D help salvage the publications image and revenue stream?


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