Hollywood’s Hottest New Couple: HP and SJP

Whether or not you have preordered your ticket for opening weekend of Sex and the City 2, you might be interested to know that a key player in the franchise may be missing: the Apple computer. HP made a huge media buy to publicize its latest line of chic, designer laptops. They are pretty cute, I must admit.

On top of the multiple product placements in the film, HP has launched a full-blown social media campaign to support the promotion. This includes a flashy microsite detailing the ins and outs of the “2010 Spring Laptop Collection,” as well as a Facebook contest with a glamorous weekend in New York as the grand prize. SJP is also the latest star to walk consumers through her PC in the new TV ads.

The monologues with Carrie’s face lit by the Macbook screen were iconic in the Sex and the City series. So why the switch? HP likely doled out an ungodly amount of money to secure the spot. The campaign seems to be well-executed thus far, though it is unlikely that this niche campaign will sway large numbers of Mac lovers to the other side.

While HP seems to be churning the waters, Apple appears to be sitting back enjoying the good life. iPad sales are better than expected and earlier this week it was announced that Steve Jobs had dethrowned Bill Gates as top tech company.

So what do you think? Will the Sex and the City buy pay off for HP?


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