Smirnoff: Don’t get caught without one

The blogosphere is a-buzz with news about the latest (or maybe only?) viral binge drinking game. Known as Icing, the rules are as follows:

1) You hand someone a Smirnoff Ice beverage

2) The recipient must take a knee and drink the entire sugary drink in one sitting


3) The recipient has a Smirnoff Ice beverage on hand


4) The original participant must drink both.

5) If you refuse, you are banned from the game and everyone makes fun of you.

The website, features the official rules and a series of ridiculous photos and videos of “bros” icing one another – or the aftermath of what happens after too much icing. The supporting Facebook page has nearly 20,000 fans and the term “icing” has been a trending topic on Twitter and new apps like “The Treehouse” have even begun marketing themselves as tools to promote the fad.

While Smirnoff claims they had nothing to do with the campaign, someone should take credit. While I personally don’t see myself carrying around a bottle of the girly malt beverage in my purse “just in case,” I do commend the program for having many of the core qualities of an excellent social media stunt. This includes:

Invitation to Participate – The structure and the simplicity of the rules allow essentially anyone to play (age appropriate, of course!)

Emotion – In this case, the positioning of and its corresponding social media components emphasizes humor, which will always attract some crowd. The fact that there are winners and losers also brings out the competitive side of people and draws them into the game, at the very least to see what it’s all about if not to play.

Incentive to Share with Others – Again, because there is a competitive and humorous angle, participants naturally feel compelled to post pictures and share links within their social networks.

Novelty – To date, there hasn’t been anything quite like this game. People want to be on the cutting edge and see what all the fuss is about.

Cultural Relevance – The game taps into the “frat boy” culture, which is alive and well thanks to movies like Old School and Superbad.




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6 responses to “Smirnoff: Don’t get caught without one

  1. I recently ICEd some friends last weekend (watermelon flavor, pink top and all!) and they have been threatening revenge ever since. I’m going to start carrying a Smirnoff just in case…

    • laurenbegley

      Did the recipient know what you were talking about when you Iced them?

      It’ll be interesting to see how long this will last – Chatroulette was big for about a month and a half, which was even longer than I expected. Hopefully you won’t have to carry around that bottle for too long!

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  3. Sorry, but this is one of those juvenile things old guys like me don’t get. Of course all we did was, hmm… Stuff with things we shouldn’t have been messing with. Somehow I lived (sans brain damage) to tell about it.


    Looks like Smirnoff is attempting to put an end to Icing…. not a guerrilla marketing campaign after all!

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