An à la Mode Afternoon

Hump Day is usually one of the longest days of the work week. Yesterday, however, was pleasantly interrupted by two guys, a truck and a case of ice cream.

If you live or work in New York, you may be privy to the Ben & Jerry’s NY Scoop Truck which is tour the city all summer promoting the brand’s latest frozen concoction: New York Super Fudge Chunk. While the truck itself is a sight to see, the real story behind the mobile tour is its social media program.

Active Twitter, Flickr and FourSquare accounts are alerting Manhattanites of the truck’s location, and monitoring requests for specific ice cream party location.

My office was a-buzz when we discovered this open call for requests and proceeded to flood the street team with pleas:

Sure enough, I received a direct message on Twitter asking for my phone number and my new best friend Mike called when the truck was parked just outside 470 Park Avenue South.

As my good friend Nicole has mentioned, street cart food is a true New York experience and many of the best “meals on wheels” are turning to Twitter to alert fans of their daily locations. However, I have yet to see a street cart implement Ben & Jerry’s social media strategy so successfully.

So if you are in the city, I encourage you to holler at the Ben & Jerry’s NY Scoop Truck and check out some of these other New York favorites on Twitter:

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck: @BigGayIceCream

The Rickshaw Dumpling Truck: @RickshawTruck

The Treats Truck: @TreatsTruck

Eddie’s Pizza Truck: @EddiesPizzaNY

Asia Dogs: @AsiaDogsNYC

Ed Diablo Tacos: @ElDiabloTacos



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3 responses to “An à la Mode Afternoon

  1. You guys did such a good job getting the truck over! Yea!!!!

    Don’t forget about @CupcakeStop. They are a popular and have delicious treats! My buddy from high school runs the show there (insert shameless plug for Lev Ekster).

    Also stay tuned for @taimmobile. The original store is on Washington and Waverly and has THE BEST falafel… Now they are going mobile and I can’t wait!

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