We are both in our mid-twenties and both from Ohio. And today, Lebron James and I have one more thing in common: Twitter.

OK, so those may be the only three qualities we share, but today’s revelation has me excited.

Lebron created a Twitter account this morning (@kingjames) and within a handful of hours he has accumulated nearly 90,000 followers and counting.

Many have speculated the reasons behind this sudden jump into social media. Perhaps he is simply hopping on the bandwagon that other mega-athletes have been participating in for months (Shaq, Lance Armstrong, Shaun White, etc.). Others think — and I agree — he is taking the preliminary steps to gain an audience online before he announces his move from the Cleveland Cavs to one of the many NBA powerhouses that have been courting him over the past few weeks.

While I am much more a college basketball fan, I do have a soft spot for the Cavs, being an Ohioan myself. However, I would like to see The King walk away with a championship – or 6 – and it looks like he’ll need a stronger team to do so. And it has been fun to see the outrageous steps people like Jay-Z and Spike Lee are taking to persuade him away from his home team.

As the most powerful free agent in the league, it makes sense that he’d like to take his PR into his own hands. While he’s only tweeted once, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for the big announcement on Twitter – I’m betting that’s where we’ll hear it first (followed by an immediate trending topic and Fail Whale).



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