Top Social Media-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2010

It’s beginning to look at lot like. . . Halloween! In 2009, we looked at the top costumes inspired by YouTube videos. This year, we are expanding our scope and recommending the top five social media-inspired costumes. Let us know if you dare to dress up like any of these digital characters – or if you have others to add to the list.

Old Spice Guy: One of the most talked about social media campaigns this year was certainly the Old Spice Guy who created unique videos in response to Twitter @-replies. To achieve this look, fellas, grab a towel and, well, that’s it. Now you are the best smelling man in the world for Halloween.

iPad: This costume may not be the most comfortable, but it will make you the most sought after trick-or-treater (at least among early adopters). To create your own iPad, just grab a tall and wide – but thin- box, cut out holes for your head, arms and legs, and have Kinko’s print out a life-size version of this image for the front:

Foursquare Player: In 2010, local-based social networking took off thanks to Foursquare. This Saturday night, consider going out as a Foursquare player by wearing your most competitive-looking athletic apparel – including sweat bands, of course – carry around a red rubber ball, and hand out different badges to your friends.  If you like this costume idea, give us a shout out!

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘The Social Network’ is one of the top movies in the country and we are expecting Mark Zuckerberg to be one of the top costumes this Halloween. To get the look, throw on a gray GAP sweatshirt, fill your pockets with money and wear this lovely cut-out mask prepared by our friends at Gawker. With this costume, it should be easy for you to make friends.

Happy Halloween!


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