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Kanye West’s Top Tips for Digital Communicators

Make no mistake, Kanye West is a one-of-a-kind musician, performer and pop culture icon – just ask him yourself. He has created a personal brand that is all his own and, while his attitude may rub some the wrong way, there are a few lessons we digital marketers can learn from his experience.

Define Your Brand’s Personal Style

Whether or not you dig his shutter-shades and graphic Ts, Kanye’s unique personal style sets him apart from other artists. Just as there are always new musicians trying to make it big, hundreds of consumer brands are hopping on the social media bandwagon trying to get noticed every year. To cut through the clutter, find the online medium where your target audience is already engaged. There, showcase the personality of your brand and highlight the product/service offering that differentiates your company from others.

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“He Went to Twitter”

If the one day every girls dreams about most is her wedding day, then I think it’s safe to say that the proposal is the second most important experience we wait for (and after spending this past weekend at a bachelorette party watching the Martha Stewart Weddings DVD and reading 100+ bridal magazines, I can say this with complete confidence). However, I don’t think any girl would ever dream of having the Old Spice man pop the question on behalf of their future betrothed.

According to this Mashable article, the groom-to-be approached the Old Spice Twitter account and asked if they would help him propose to his girlfriend. Shortly after the request came through, Old Spice threw together this quick video and retweeted the guy. His response: “SHE SAID YES!”

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Why I Love TOMS Shoes Even More Than Before

Most girls will admit they have a weakness for shoes. I, however, am not one of these girls. I’d rather shop at Payless and I avoid wearing heels at all cost. But then I learned about TOMS and everything changed. Not only are TOMS Shoes adorable and comfortable, their business model is “one for one” – meaning for every pair of shoes I buy, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in a third world country. What’s better than buying a great product with the knowledge that you are helping out a needy kid?

Over the past few years, the company has developed a cult-like following thanks to grassroots marketing and strong word-of-mouth recommendations from people like me. Whether or not you have a closet full of TOMS shoes, I recommend taking a look at its latest social media campaign, which true fans will appreciate.

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Smirnoff: Don’t get caught without one

The blogosphere is a-buzz with news about the latest (or maybe only?) viral binge drinking game. Known as Icing, the rules are as follows:

1) You hand someone a Smirnoff Ice beverage

2) The recipient must take a knee and drink the entire sugary drink in one sitting


3) The recipient has a Smirnoff Ice beverage on hand


4) The original participant must drink both.

5) If you refuse, you are banned from the game and everyone makes fun of you.

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Blago’s Latest Folly

After being fired twice in the last year-and-a-half – including once by The Donald – former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojavich is making press again. This time, it’s for a social media campaign aimed to repair the reputation of the infamous politician-turned-reality-TV-personality.

Shortly after his corruption trial began in Chicago last week, Blagojavich launched a Twitter account as a means of rallying support and sharing his side of the story. While his comments have been sporadic over the past week, his agenda is clear based on some of the most recent messages:

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Gettin’ Lucky on Facebook

I find it terribly annoying when a brand launches a Facebook page and then doesn’t do a darn thing with it. Particularly for consumer brands, there is not only a huge marketing opportunity for them, but a chance to closely engage with their constituents on a one-to-one level.

I was happy to see that Lucky Magazine has taken Facebook marketing to a new level with the launch of its Facebook Pop Up Shop. In partnership with the Home Shopping Network (HSN), the shopping pub introduced a virtual store for designers like Pade Vavra, Gerard Yosca and F+C.

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Gleeful Over MySpace Promotion

Have you been looking for your big break? Well, here’s your chance. MySpace today announced an exclusive open casting call for the popular FOX musical “Glee,” which will accept video auditions until April 26th.

What I love most about this promotion is that it uses the best of social media to engage a core audience. I’m not a huge fan of “Glee” but I know for sure there are die-hard fans across the country who are likely chomping at the bit to upload their video content. While I will not likely submit a video audition myself, I’ll certainly forward the opportunity to some actor friends and encourage them to do so. Ultimately, I am doing MySpace and FOX’s promotion for them because they provided me with the tools and positioned it in a way that the average viewer cannot only relate to but participate in.

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