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Can’t Live Without It

Over 23 million Americans suffer from some form of addiction, although less than 10 percent are receiving treatment. Today’s media has raised awareness of this issue – for better or for worse – with shows like Celebrity Rehab, In Treatment, and Intervention, as well as constant paparazzi speculation about icons like biker bad boy Jesse James and fallen hero Tiger Woods who recently checked into rehabilitation facilities.

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Hello Sunshine, Goodbye Blackberry

So you may have been wondering why I haven’t posted a new entry in over a week. The truth is, I was on a vacation. And not just a regular vacation: a media and technology black-out vacation.

Shortly before I left for the Dominican Republic I called Verizon to see whether or not my phone would work outside the U.S. “Of course it will,” they said. “But it will be super expensive.” What excellent news, I thought.

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