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An à la Mode Afternoon

Hump Day is usually one of the longest days of the work week. Yesterday, however, was pleasantly interrupted by two guys, a truck and a case of ice cream.

If you live or work in New York, you may be privy to the Ben & Jerry’s NY Scoop Truck which is tour the city all summer promoting the brand’s latest frozen concoction: New York Super Fudge Chunk. While the truck itself is a sight to see, the real story behind the mobile tour is its social media program.

Active Twitter, Flickr and FourSquare accounts are alerting Manhattanites of the truck’s location, and monitoring requests for specific ice cream party location.

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This Is Our Moment

The election of Barack Obama showed us all that it is possibly to rally a younger politically-interested crowd. All you have to do is show that you can create a substantial social media presence and tack on a few celebrity endorsements.

Recently, the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund took the same formula and created the “This Is Our Moment” campaign. The program took the best tactics used by the Obama campaign and has successfully driven a strong following through grassroots mobilization to help encourage senators to pass the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act.

With the help of everyone’s favorite earth-friendly celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other well-known actors like Jason Long (the Mac), Jason Bateman (I miss Arrested Development), Emmy Rossum (the Phantom’s love interest), the NRDC rolled out an information-packed microsite, a series of web videos and an interactive blog. The site even has a customizable form letter that anyone can send to their senator, encouraging them to pass this bill.

To support these core platforms, the campaign has maintained a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and Flickr page, among others, to ensure news, information and its call to action was easily accessible. As for any grassroots campaign, an must-have function is the “SHARE” option. Through virtually any social media platform, users can pass along the information to their network with the click of a button.

While may other politically-driven campaigns appear to be very one-sided and authoritative, this campaign boasts a communal database of user-generated content. Viewers can upload videos expressing their thoughts on the bill and relevant environmental issues. All of this content is then aggregated and shared on the homepage.

Whether or not you support the cause (but come on, love mother earth!), this campaign is a great case study for grassroots social media that has resonated with the (seemingly) politically apathetic youth.

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AVATAR and the Interactive Trailer

When going to the movies, I always arrive early to make sure I have a chance to see the previews. Trailers showcase the best elements of a film, like high-energy action sequences with bad guys in toe, heart-warming embraces between the heartthrob and his leading lady, epic soliloquies by the underdog-turned-hero or that one punch line that everyone will remember for years to come. Whether or not the movie is actually good, the preview never seems to disappoint. While I may be an easy critic, every once-in-a-while there is a trailer that creates such buzz and generates such curiosity that it nearly crashes the Fandango site weeks before the film is in theaters.

One of these aforementioned previews is for the James Cameron flick Avatar, out in theaters today. While the futuristic storyline sounds awesome and the special effects look out of this world, you have the chance to really get to know this movie before you even hit the theaters.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out the Avatar interactive trailer powered by Adobe AIR. Offering much more than your average two minute preview, this desktop application takes over your screen with a variety of video clips, behind the scenes interviews and connection to social media sites like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. As you scale through the many features, you can track the Avatar Twitter account, which disseminates updates about the cast, links to additional YouTube clips and offers updates on ticketing. If you see something you like, you can update your Facebook status or Twitter page with the click of a mouse.

For decades, movies were very one-way; the audience would sit in front of the screen and absorb the movie in front of them. Today, we have the option of becoming involved with a particular movie even weeks or months before we see it. Through social media outlets like Flickr, YouTube or Twitter and with interactive applications like the Avatar trailer, we are able to watch and absorb information about the film and share our opinions with our peers and directly with the production companies.

How do you feel about the interactive trailer? Does it enhance the movie experience or ruin the element of surprise?


Thanks to Rob Longert for the idea behind this post.


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World AIDS Day: @JoinRED

One of the biggest mistakes companies or organizations make when they decide to take on an integrated campaign is adding too much breadth and not enough depth. By this I mean launching a Facebook page, Twitter account, Flickr page, blog, etc. without generating enough content and infrastructure to maintain each effectively. In doing so, you loose readers interest, fail to create a sense of engagement and prohibit consumers from taking your desired action (purchase a product, support a cause, join a group, etc.).

Today is World AIDS Day. To kick-off the international day of awareness, (RED) announced its newest corporate sponsor: NIKE. And they did it right.

NIKE has created a line of (RED) shoelaces and all proceeds will go towards fighting AIDS in Africa. Backed by Bono and top-notch football players (Note to my fellow Americans: soccer) Joe Cole (Chelsea), Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal), Marco Materazzi (Inter Milan), Denilson (Arsenal), Lucas Neill (Everton), the campaign was “kicked” off at a London NIKETOWN location—though the true strength lies within the digital components.

The integrated social media campaign tackled the internet this morning. From the (RED) Blog posting a detailed summary of the account, to the complete takeover of Twitter, turning the more familiar blue homepage to red (and turning all tweets including @JoinRED actually red, which is awesome), the campaign cast a wide net. The Facebook, Flickr and YouTube components feature a wealth of information and a call to action to consumers.

Messaging remains aligned across all existing NIKE and (RED) online platforms, with each component linking to the additional features to ensure that each consumer is aware of the complete endeavor, encouraging them to remain engaged and pass the information along.

I encourage you all to check out the JoinRED webpage and explore the supporting social media platforms. Not only will you help benefit this important cause, but you’ll have a great case study about a digital communication campaign that did it right.

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