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Top Social Media-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2010

It’s beginning to look at lot like. . . Halloween! In 2009, we looked at the top costumes inspired by YouTube videos. This year, we are expanding our scope and recommending the top five social media-inspired costumes. Let us know if you dare to dress up like any of these digital characters – or if you have others to add to the list.

Old Spice Guy: One of the most talked about social media campaigns this year was certainly the Old Spice Guy who created unique videos in response to Twitter @-replies. To achieve this look, fellas, grab a towel and, well, that’s it. Now you are the best smelling man in the world for Halloween.

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A New Breed of Celebrity

It’s no secret that I am a TMZ watching, Us Weekly reading, pop culture fanatic. There is good reason why I’m not alone in this thinking. Whether it’s the chic and brilliant Johnny Depps and Meryl Streeps of the world, or the not-quite-sure-why-they-are-famous Kim Kardasians and Heidi Montags, the fascination is due to the fact that these people are beautiful, wealthy, and – at least in some cases – talented. The constant swarm of salacious gossip doesn’t hurt either.

But lately, we’ve seen a new breed of celebrity: digital business leaders.

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An à la Mode Afternoon

Hump Day is usually one of the longest days of the work week. Yesterday, however, was pleasantly interrupted by two guys, a truck and a case of ice cream.

If you live or work in New York, you may be privy to the Ben & Jerry’s NY Scoop Truck which is tour the city all summer promoting the brand’s latest frozen concoction: New York Super Fudge Chunk. While the truck itself is a sight to see, the real story behind the mobile tour is its social media program.

Active Twitter, Flickr and FourSquare accounts are alerting Manhattanites of the truck’s location, and monitoring requests for specific ice cream party location.

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