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No Longer Singing LaLa’s Praises

While I might stand outside the majority of online music listeners who love Pandora, I’ve preferred the site for the past year or so. While Pandora is a great service, I always found it off-putting that I couldn’t listen to exactly the song I was in the mood for. LaLa, allows you to build a playlist with any song of your choosing – and they have a great music library of even the most obscure bands. You can listen to any song once for free and you have the option of paying 10 cents to keep the song in your collection so you can listen to it as much as you want, or you can pay 89 cents to download the mp3 track to your iPod or other music player.

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Dinner and a Movie with Your Entire Social Network

There are few things that make me transition from buttoned up PR professional to a giggling, boy-crazy thirteen year-old in a matter of seconds. One of those few things does happen to be Twilight (no judging, please).

In less than 24 hours, the highly anticipated Twilight Eclipse trailer has received close to 3 millions hits on YouTube and 1.7 million blog mentions. So here I am contributing to those already impressive numbers.

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Surfing the Restricted Net

I attended a conference yesterday on social media for financial services companies. Despite the fact that I work with many of these types of clients on a daily basis and I am well aware of the compliance hurdles these companies face when it comes to promoting their brand via social media, I was surprised to find how much of the Internet is blocked for the employees at work.

Sure, no boss wants their employees tagging photos and skimming blogs about LOST while at work, but when you prohibit your employees from visiting sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other online resources, you may be missing critical information relevant for your company. There have been many instances where I have stumbled upon a relevant blog entry on an industry trend relevant for one of my clients, or a Tweet from a client’s customer who needed an issue addressed immediately. By listening to what’s being said about your company and its industry, you become smarter and more agile when it comes to responding proactively and reactively.

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