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New MTV Twitter Jockey Selected

Last night, MTV announced the winner of the search for the first ever Twitter Jockey. Gabi Gregg is a 23-year-old fashion blogger from Detroit who took the reigns of the Twitter handle @mtvtj this morning. She has over 12,000 followers and has been in a state of near-constant tweeting ever since she was crowned.

Let’s see if she takes the time to tell us how she plans on spending her $100,000 salary!

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Twitter Account Spawns CBS Sitcom

I’m guess that most of us are frantically looking for a new show to tune into once LOST concludes this Sunday night. Well, for us social-media-loving folks can rest easy: ‘Bleep My Dad Says,’ a sitcom based off of Justin Halpern’s Twitter account, has just been picked up by CBS.

Launched just last fall, the Twitter account @ShitMyDadSays has garnered more than 1 million followers. The account is simple; Justin posts the blunt, curse-filled and hilarious things his father says to him. Here are a few examples:

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Hello Sunshine, Goodbye Blackberry

So you may have been wondering why I haven’t posted a new entry in over a week. The truth is, I was on a vacation. And not just a regular vacation: a media and technology black-out vacation.

Shortly before I left for the Dominican Republic I called Verizon to see whether or not my phone would work outside the U.S. “Of course it will,” they said. “But it will be super expensive.” What excellent news, I thought.

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Surfing the 3-D Channels

Companies like Comcast, Samsung and Vizio have hyped the coming of 3-D television for the past few years, though it looks like this Jetsons-esque notion may become a reality sooner than later.

As much as I enjoyed watching Avatar with silly 3-D glasses on, I’m not so sure this form of media will serve all programming as well. I’m all for technological progress, but here’s a list of shows I certainly don’t want jumping out of the screen:

  • NFL injury play backs – These shots give me the willies already. I’d hate to see a compound fracture coming at me.
  • Dirty Jobs – I certainly don’t need to see Mike Rowe pluck goose feathers, scrub mechanical piping or stick his hand in any sort of animal in 3-D.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 reruns – The hideous Kate hair looks like it’s jumping out at me already.
  • Nancy Grace – When hi-def was introduced, that was bad enough.
  • Seinfeld – Don’t mess with perfection.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section!


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Spoiler Alert

I just joined the 21st century less than a year ago and got actual TV channels. (To clarify—I had watched TV before but my apartment had zip reception and for years I had refused to pay for cable. Finally, I broke down). Now, I’ll have to admit that I’ve made social plans around Gossip Girl, Lost and Entourage.

Nowadays, it is practically mandatory to have a digital landing page for each show on the network’s site. And more and more, social networking-esque features are cropping up to allow viewers to share commentary on the most recent episode, play games to find out which character personality they most resemble and share show content via Facebook or other third party sites.

I’m all for the camaraderie these sites offer when it comes to shows like Dexter that have a bit of a cult following; the virtual “water cooler” dialogue they offer allows fans to have a more personal connection to their favorite shows and the characters they love (or love to hate). However, in other ways, social media has spoiled the experience completely for me.

Take last night’s Dexter season four finale. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the culmination of the season’s twists and turns leading up to Dex’s revenge over the Trinity Killer. However, I wasn’t able to watch the episode live last night. That didn’t stop fans from promoting the killer twist via Facebook (don’t worry, I won’t say what happened). So now, when I finally get to watch the episode tonight, I won’t be as close to the edge of my seat.

In many ways, social media allows us to stay up-to-date on any kind of news we would want. But in some cases, life doesn’t allow us to keep up and we end up missing out on the personal experience.

In short, please include a SPOILER ALERT announcement when you are talking TV.


Update: I was able to watch the episode last night and despite knowing the ending, I still found it to be the best season finale of the series. What did you think?

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